The idea of this site is not to offer a complete, detailed, professional guide to do anything (I am not an expert whatsoever). All I have learned about these topics, I learned it from google, a (very) few books and some good (patient) friends that would answer all my questions.

As far-in-the-future motivation for this site, I have in my mind the automation of most of my daily duties (at least the boring ones!).
I would like to wake up as the blinds in my windows roll up, and get out of the shower exactly when the tea is ready and start having my breakfast just when the TV starts showing the next episode of my breakfast-TV show (the system should know that in the morning I prefer light happy shows rather than dark, dramatic ones…).
And I would like to go to work and my house to enter in wait mode, everything shutdown, but some alarm system checking that everything is ok. And When I get out of work, the house should start heating up so I will get to a warm, cozy home with a cuppa tea ready for me, and some soft relaxing music…
On the heart of all this (probably stupid) awsome stuff there are a lot of shit going on… setting up a server… making sure it is safe-enough… probably some neuronal network that can learn routines (this point is still current working, but I will get there…), maybe some data analysis, some electronics (using a raspberry pi or an arduino).

One last thing. Luckily or not, I live in Linux (Debian right now, Ubuntu for a long time, for a short time it was Mint…), so probably some stuff will be system-dependent… if you are interested on the discussed topics but you are not using Linux…
it’s time yo revaluate your life and join the light side.

Other than that… Welcome to my place, I hope it is useful for you in any sense, and if you have any doubt/suggestion I’ll be listening!!!



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